R Code Residential - Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions.
All there is to know about R-Code Residential’s single and two storey developments


Frequently asked questions

All there is to know about R-Code Residential’s single and two storey developments

How involved will I have to get?

Relax! R-Code Residential will guide you through every step of the process, from planning to construction, engineering and plumbing - even negotiating with your neighbours.

Can I trust your advice?

Certainly. Our specialist experts put your best interests first and strive to deliver the greatest return on investment.

Can I afford a property investment?

We’ll discuss your finances with you and put you in touch with our friends at Ballast Finance if need be. They will assess your situation and recommend the best way forward for you.

How do I know where to invest?

We can supply you with vital real estate information such as property valuations, expected rental returns and potential growth.

Can you professionally manage my property?

Of course. We can supply an independent professional property manager if you wish.

What about settlement?

You can nominate an independent settlement agent to work directly with the vendor and Ballast Finance (or the financial institution of your choice).

How do I choose a home design?

We will help you choose a design that will generate the best return on your investment.

Who selects details like colour schemes and fittings?

You can choose yourself or leave it to our expert in-house designers.

Can my property be rented out?

The real estate agent can offer a rental appraisal for you.

Who designs the plans?

If you have plans drafted by a qualified draftsperson, we can price them up for you. Alternatively, we will work closely with you to draw up a tailored design in-house.

Will you help me get subdivision approval?

R-Code Residential can deal with shires and councils to ensure you get approval for your titles.

What do you mean by ‘turnkey’ development?

It means everything is completed when we hand the keys over to you – from the letterbox to flooring – so your tenants can move in immediately and you don’t have to lift a finger.

“How to increase the value of my land?” Simple - it all starts by partnering with R-Code Residential. From single storey duplex and triplex sites to house behind house and turnkey developments, our subdivision experts will find the most profitable solution for you. Talk to us today to find out more.

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