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New to investing?
Relax - R-Code Residential’s expert team will guide you through the subdivision process.

New investors

New to investments?

Relax - R-Code Residential’s expert team  will guide you through the subdivision process.

Increasing the value of my property.

Subdividing and developing can be a complex process that can cost you dearly if you are not experienced in navigating the various challenges that lie ahead. So if you are new to this investment strategy, it pays to partner with an expert team that can guide you through the entire process.

R-Code Residential specialises in subdivision developments. When you partner with with our property investment Perth, you are unlocking a wealth of experience. Our expert team can handle everything, from determining what can be done on your block (or even helping you find the right block) to council approvals, construction, engineering and plumbing. And because we fully understand the development process, you are getting the most efficient build possible, making our investment property Perth team the economical choice.

When it comes to aproperty investment, Perthis one of the top choices, and we’re here to help you with it.

Why invest?

Multiply your potential for profit

When you subdivide your land, you multiply your potential for profit by expanding from a single property to several blocks of land.

Tax benefits

It is likely the rental returns your development will generate will be less than the interest on the property’s value, resulting in negative gearing. This means your losses will be tax deductible, up until you sell and make a profit. 

Property growth

With WA’s history of strong property growth, investing in property development is an intelligent investment. For your property investment, Perth is a good place to start.

Make quick profits, reinvest fast

Allows you the option of on-selling your property straight away, instead of waiting for its value to appreciate.

Use your superannuation funds

Investing in developments is a great way to build your superannuation funds.

Simplify the management of several properties

Managing all your investment properties on one piece of land is simple and cost-effective.

Avoid paying the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) until you sell

Subdividing your property allows you to grow its value without paying CGT until you decide to sell.

Investing in your future

Developing is likely to build your equity and cash flow in the long term.

Subdividing my land” is a great investment strategy. Partner with R-Code Residential to develop your property, from single storey duplex and triplex sites to multi story developments. Read our subdividing advice and arrange finance, or  talk to us today to find out more about a property investment in Perth you’d be interested in.

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