R Code Residential - Turnkey investment subdivision developments
Turnkey developments – the complete package.
Let R-Code Residential handle every last detail of your turnkey development.

Turnkey investment

Turnkey developments – the complete package

Let R-Code Residential handle every last detail of your turnkey development.

Increasing the value of my property

Turnkey investment developments are completely finished upon handover, meaning they are ready to be rented out the moment we give you the keys. As a result, the banks will likely allow you to combine everything in one all-inclusive loan up front. It’s great peace of mind knowing that all your loose ends are tied up in advance, meaning you will not find yourself scrambling to source more finance to complete the project after handover.

Turnkey developments are great investments to trust R-Code Residential with. We may take care of everything but we won’t leave you in the dark - we will guide you through the entire process, from determining what can be done on your block, to council approvals, construction, engineering, plumbing and negotiating with next-door neighbours. All you need to do is tag along for a smooth, enjoyable build.

Unlocking the code to turnkey investments

  • Leave it to us

    We’ll take care of the entire process, from planning to full completion.

  • Financing

    With a turnkey investment, you can combine all your costs into one all-inclusive loan.

  • Colour schemes

    Maximise the development’s appeal and return-potential by having the colour scheme designed in-house.

  • We hand over the house. They’ll hand over the money

    Completed means completed. You can start renting as soon as we hand over the keys.

Want to find out more about turnkey investments? Why not read about our award winning team? We can answer your questions on our FAQs page, or if you’re new to investing, contact us to find out more.

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