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Triplex shouldn’t be complex.
At R-Code Residential, our hands-on experts make triplex developments easy.


Triplex: Triple the investment, triple the opportunities.

At R-Code Residential, our professional property developers make triplex developments easy.

Outstanding Triplex Developments

Triplex units are great options, especially if your block shape is not suited for a side-by-side or rear strata development. Our triplex design and development services prove to be an affordable alternative that presents exceptional returns.

R-Code Residential makes the whole project easier on you. We are one of the best triplex builders in Perth. You get the right assistance from start to finish. Ask one of our friendly consultants and get the right advice today.

Triplex Developments Made Easy

A triplex unit often presents several design and development constraints that require particular attention. This includes design, strata type, zoning, and specification issues. Conforming to R-Codes and local regulations also prove to be a challenge. This is where we come in.

With years of experience in property development, you can trust us to guide you through the whole process. We stay true to our mission of being one of the best triplex builders in Perth and its surrounding suburbs. We strive to ensure you make only the right decisions that minimise risks and maximise returns.

We are experts in local planning schemes and Residential Planning Codes (R-Codes). It’s not in our name for nothing. We can help make the often complicated and time-consuming process of developing a triplex unit easier.

A Complete and Thorough Service

The right development plans for your block will obviously depend on its size and shape. We make it easier by giving you some initial ideas and showing a few of our recommended designs for triplex developments.

Want to find out more about our work astriplex developers? Perthis a great investment opportunity; get in touch with us now and explore the numerous development options suitable for you.

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