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Townhouse developments – the crowd-pleasers.
More people are looking to build two storey developments with R-Code Residential.


Townhouse developments – the crowd-pleasers

More people are looking to build two storey developments with R-Code Residential.

Can I sub divide my property?

If you are in the position to subdivide, building townhouses are an attractive option. With the demand for higher density living forever increasing, the re-zoning of properties are allowing developers to fit more units on their sites. So if you want to maximise every square metre, two storey developments such as townhouses are a functional solution.

If townhouses are the way to go, you will want to build with a name you can trust. As part of the Bellagio Group, R-Code Residential has the buying power and experience of a large company, with all the specialist service of a boutique builder. As the townhouse builders Perth clients trust the most, we genuinely care about your project and are committed to an affordable, accountable partnership for your exciting development.

Unlocking the code to townhouse two storey developments

  • Seek advice on titles 

    Before construction can commence, some large two storey developments may need to be titled.

  • Arrange your finance

    If you require finance, discuss your project plans with your lender.

  • We accommodate designs sold off the plan

    Not all developers do this, so be sure to ask.

  • In-house designers

    Ask our expert staff for advice about colour selections and other important decisions.

Want to find out more about townhouses and other two storey developments? Read our advice on subdividing or our case studies.  We have all the information for new investors and experienced investors. Let’s start talking today!

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