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Multiply your profits with multi unit developments.
At R-Code Residential, we can maximise every square metre of your lot with our multi units

Multi unit

Multiply your profits with multi-unit developments

At R-Code Residential, we can maximise every square metre of your lot with our multi unit development. Perthis becoming a top real estate hub, and we’re here to help you capitalise on it.

How to increase the value of my land

As the logical step up from duplex, triplex or house behind house subdivisions, multi unit developments generally present a more complex build. However, the potential for high returns from multi-unit developments can be rewarding in the long run.

If you have asked yourself “can I subdivide my property?”, this option may prove to be a profitable investment. However, since multi-unit developments are quite involved, you should trust a team that can handle complexity with ease. As part of the Bellagio Group, R-Code Residential has been set up as subdivision specialists. When it comes tounit developments, Perthis our home turf and we can help you get the best value out of your property in the  area. That means you get all the knowledge, skills and buying power of a large company with all the care and attention-to-detail of a boutique builder.

Unlocking the code to multi-unit developments


Site works for multi-unit developments are complex, so be sure to have a professional survey conducted.

Partner with specialists in multi-unit developments

R-Code Residential has over 35 years of industry knowledge combined – and our experience shows. We are a team of professionalunit builders. Perthis our playground— a place where we showcase some of our best works.

Are you for real?

There is nothing wrong with questioning your unit builder – Perthcompanies like us will tell you all there is to know.

Seek professional advice

Ensure you have a full understanding of how your shire or council interprets the R-Codes.

Want to find out more about multi-unit developments? Ask our subdivision experts for advice on subdividing and an overview of how we work. Alternatively, start the conversation to explore other options, such as duplex /triplex, house behind house and two storey developments.

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