R Code Residential - House behind house developments by specialists
Specialist house behind house developments.
Stay right where we you are, with R-Code Residential’s house behind house developments.

House behind house

Specialist house behind house developments

Stay right where we you are, with R-Code Residential’s house behind house developments

How to increase the value of my land without moving.

Want to invest in your future without uprooting? House behind house development is an exciting option. If your zoning permits, house behind house development is as simple as subdividing your existing property and building in your backyard. The obvious benefit is that you already own the land so it is easier to finance. Once built, you have the freedom to rent, sell or sit on the new dwelling.

House behind house is the perfect first step into property development and may be the best option for narrow lots with driveway access. By partnering with R-Code Residential, you are giving yourself the best chance to make this the most profitable investment possible. As an R-Code specialist that is part of the Bellagio Group, we represent incredible value for money, with a personal service culminating in a smooth, seamless build.

Unlocking the code to house behind house developments

  • Survey your block

    This will allow your builder to determine on-site expenses up-front.

  • Are you in the zone?

    Ask your shire or council about the zoning of your property as this determines whether house behind house is possible.

  • Get to know house behind house

    Familiarise yourself with the process, as house behind house is not your typical build.

  • Partner with professionals

    Only house behind house specialists are experienced in handling the complexities of this build.

Want to find out more about house behind house developments? Read our advice on subdividing and learn about the subdivision process. Alternatively, check out what others have had to say about their experience with R-Code Residential, or contact us to explore duplex, triplextownhouses and multi unit developments.

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