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Duplex shouldn’t be complex
At R-Code Residential, our hands-on experts make duplex developments easy.


A duplex shouldn’t be complex

At R-Code Residential, we make duplex developments easy.

Increasing the value of my property with a duplex development.

Building two or three houses on one block is a great way of taking advantage of the high demand for affordable city living and we’re here to help you capitalise on that opportunity. 

With one of our duplex developments, you have the freedom to rent, sell or live in your dwellings (or a mix of all three). If your block is suitable for building three dwellings (triplex), we may even be able to help you choose an existing, proven layout design and build the right property. If you have a unique design in mind, our in-house designers can draw or price one up for you. We are professionalduplex builders;  Perthis our home turf. We help you get the best of it.

Subdividing my land” is a big decision, one that needs to be thought out properly. This is where our expertise comes in. When you partner with R-Code Residential, you get our premium service at an affordable price point. What’s more, we are part of the Bellagio Group, and we are proud members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA) of Australia. You can always expect a personal, caring service fromus—a team of professionalduplex builders in Perththat has won major industry awards.

Unlocking the code to duplex developments

  • It’s all in the design

    What’s your plan? Will you be living in the dwellings, renting, selling or a mix of all three?

  • Reaching the Strata-sphere

    What type of strata do you plan to build? The resale value of your units may hinge on whether you choose strata or survey strata.

  • Get in the zone

    Zoning affects plot ratio and setbacks, so be sure you understand the various zonings.

  • Check the specs

    Maximise resale value by making sure your specifications stack up with other units in the area.

Want to find out more about our developments? Ask our professional duplex builders. Perth is their area of expertise. You can rest assured we will give you the best possible development option in the area.

Read our advice on subdividing and overview of how we work. Alternatively, contact us to explore other options, such as house-behind-house and two-storey developments.

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